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Interviewed by Nick Cannon Morning Conversations,

Power 106 Los Angeles (2020)

Read or watch full interview with Pave the Way, a philanthropic jewelry company which donates 100% of its profits to charity (2020)

A conversation with Noam Dworman, Dan Naturman and Periel Aschenbrand on Comedy Cellar (2020)

Written by me, in response to being Doxxed and the chaos following

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Featured in a spread feature of Rice & Spice Magazine. A magazine and collective by Asian American youth (2021)

Producer, Editor, & Animator (2020)

The Truth about Cancel Culture with Claira Janover (2020)





By The Pedestrian (2020)

"But, Janover didn’t let it stop her and she continued to use her platform to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter...Now in the ultimate fuck-you to the people who tried to control her identity, she’s taken back her own narrative and worn it with pride." (Morrison-Thiagu, Pedestrian)

Inside (2022)

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"Janover, who grew up with a single mom who died in 2019 from cancer, and an only child said she found the strength to keep going despite the threats because she didn't have anyone else to worry about." (Al-Arshani, the Insider)

Featured in "Life Post(grad) Pandemic" (2022)

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Interview with mixedraceproject (2021)

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"My freshman year was when I started doing research into the simultaneous hyper-sexualization and exotification of mixed race girls especially, but also how de-romanticized and de-humanized we are." -me

Featured in "Making Progress" (2021)

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Featured in The New York Sun (2023)


" that students’ freedom of expression should not be “weaponized.” Having been “doxxed” herself for comments deemed unfit by her employer, Ms. Janover highlights how the threat of not getting a job is indeed a weapon — especially when it’s wielded by those controlling the futures of Ivy League graduates. (M. J. Koch, NY Sun)

Featured in: "A ‘Double-Edged Sword’: For Harvard Students, Social Media Both Connects and Alienates (2020)


Speaking Events

Speakig Events

University of Evansville Black Student Union

Guest Speaker on Ethnocentric Institutions

Murrow Black Student Union

Campaigns for America

Gen-Z for Change, ft. Glee Cast

Direct Liaison with Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Harry Schum Jr.

Tucker Asian American Association

Dwight Morrow Black Student Union

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