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Hi there, I'm Claira 

I grew up in New Haven, CT, and graduated from Harvard University with a 

B.A. in Government and Psychology in 2021. 

Throughout High School, I began laying the foundation for my passion for political action by actively participating in various extracurricular activities such as Model Congress, Model United Nations, Debate Club, and Student Government. I worked and volunteered for several municipal campaigns with the Connecticut Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, the New Haven Land Trust, and Environment Connecticut.

Throughout college, I pursued an eclectic variety of liberal arts courses across departments such as: "The Politics of Spacial Inequality in the United States," "Psychology of the Gendered Body," "Race, Heredity, and Crime (1800-1940)," "Statistics of the Behavioral Sciences," "Transitional Justice and the Politics of Truth Commissions," "Environmental Psychology," and "#Abolish Police: The Politics of Public Safety in the Age of Social Media." 

Beyond my academic pursuits, I was a highly active and involved member of the Harvard community. I held leadership roles in various extracurricular organizations, such as President of Harvard Model Congress Middle East, Track Captain of Harvard Running Club, President of Harvard's Mixed Asian Peoples Association, and Executive Board Member of Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College. I also worked multiple jobs per semester while at Harvard, some of which include being a Peer Advising Fellow, photographer for the @Harvard Instagram, Financial Aid Student Representative for the Harvard Admissions Office, bartender, and dog walker.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I leveraged the increased use of social media by creating educational and informative progressive videos on TikTok in advocacy of #BlackLivesMatter. My notoriety reached its peak in the summer of 2020 when some prominent right-wing twitter accounts targeted me with a Doxxing campaign in response to a satirical analogy I had posted on my account. This led to my job offer from Deloitte being rescinded. Nevertheless, I decided to use my social media platform to speak out against corporate virtue signaling and the dangers of online harassment. (Read Claira's full article here). I activated my social media following of over 1.5 million users to raise over $25,000 for various Black Lives Matter organizations, victim and bail funds, and community-enrichment organizations around the country.

In 2020, I collaborated with Aidan Kohn-Murphy to establish Gen-Z for Change, an organization of digital media creators with a nonprofit mission. We utilize social media and grassroots strategies to boost voter turnout, increase accessibility of information, and promote civil discourse. I spearheaded several campaigns, working with Act Blue and David Recordon, Director of Technology for Biden campaign to create and implement comprehensive social media video campaigns to increase voter registration and turnout among underrepresented demographic groups. Members of Gen-Z for Change executed email, text message, Instagram marketing campaigns, virtual phone banks, online events, and translated essential information in various languages. Currently, the organization comprises a coalition of over 500 creators with a combined follower count of 540 million and 1.5 billion monthly views.

Upon graduating in May 2021, I embarked on a year-long, solo journey around the world, blending adventure, cultural immersion, and volunteerism. During my gap year, I solo-backpacked an aggregate 850 miles in Washington, Montana, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Iceland, Switzerland, France, South Africa, and Chile; hitchhiked Iceland's Golden Circle; and volunteered across Kruger National Park, working with orphaned elephants of the Jubalani Herd, caring for injured animals at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, and photographing African wildlife on horseback. 

I now live in New York City, exploring vocational interests and personal passions. I have gained perspective from my studies and worldly conversations, freedom through adventure and relentless curiosity, and meaning through my conviction and perseverance towards social and political justice. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the world and make a positive impact. I am excited to continue my journey of personal and professional growth, and I can't wait to see where life takes me next.



Division of Human Rights
Human Rights Specialist


Gen-Z for Change

Founding Member, Digital Strategist, Advisory Board Member


Irregular Labs



Harvard Model Congress Middle East

President & Executive Director


Harvard University



Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy

Research Analyst


Democratic Party


Harvard University

The Division of Human Rights is dedicated to upholding human rights and combating discrimination in various aspects of life, including employment, housing, education, and public accommodations. Through investigation, enforcement, and education, the division aims to ensure equal opportunities and protect the rights of all individuals within the state.

Gen-Z for Change is a nonprofit organization that exists across digital platforms, rooted in a coalition-network of social media creators, to leverage social media to promote civil discourse and political action.

Irregular Labs is a think tank which specializes in evaluating, advocating, and bridging the gap between behavioral science and its application across industries. Focusing on incorporating microcommunities across diverse backgrounds to better engage, represent, and understand cultural trends and consumer behavior.

HMC Middle East is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit which organizes and hosts a 4-day intensive American government simulation for high school students around the world.

  • Director of social media strategy for Joe Biden’s Director of Technology, David Recordon. Successfully implemented a youth-outreach social media strategy with Gen-Z for Change to increase voter registration, turnout, and education.

  • Harvard Democrats Club: Freshman Representative for Hillary Clinton (2016) for President, student Campaign Representative for Elizabeth Warren’s (2018) Congressional Campaign.

  • Campaign Manager: Nadya Okamoto for Cambridge City Council (2017).

  • Connecticut Democratic Party: Intern for Rosa DeLauro (2014) for House of Representatives for 3rd District US Congress; Intern for Ted Kennedy Junior (2014) for CT State Senate; Volunteer for Andy Campbell (2013) and Mark Rabinowitz (2015) for First Selectmen.

B.A. in Government & Psychology

Please contact Claira directly for full resume

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